So yet again I have another series but first…

If you want to collaborate with me… click here. You don’t have to be experienced or anything.

So I’m just going to be sharing one motivational tip everyday and one motivational quote for a week. This series was inspired by Ella May Garrett and her Monday Motivation

The reason why I’m doing this is because people have bad days sometimes, and everything goes wrong. Its not our fault, like, we can’t prevent it. But we need something to motivate us when we’re rushing to work.

Today’s Motivational tip is…

Imagination, often turns into reality. Imagine a certain situation over and again, with love and joy, and sooner or later you will attract it into your life, provided you don’t let contradictory thoughts enter your mind. Start with simple situations first, to gain faith and experience with this process.


Motivational Quote

Silla Tran- It always seems impossible until it is done


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