Reflection: Dreaming vs. Doing

Taking inspo from the way Kat from ☽ MUSINGS OF A TEENAGE GIRL ☽ writes. And also (guiltily) kind of copying her. If you mind, Kat, shoot me an email if you don’t like me copying you.

I type this huddled in my blanket, surrounded by the warmth of candles. The air is dry and cool, but stuffy. I throw open the windows as it doesn’t snow here and inhale the crisp dawn air, calming myself.

I wander into the kitchen, my sock-padded feet not breaking the silence, and heat some milk and chocolate. Taking the hot beverage back to my bedroom, I wonder about the difference between dreaming and doing.

What is your dream in life? How much time per day—or even per week—do you spend working to make that dream a reality? And how much time you do spend dreaming about making it a reality?

Obviously, going to school, having a job or other commitments makes it difficult to spend all of your time working on your dreams. But if you spend an entire week dreaming about how great it will be when you finally design that website and spend zero hours planning or executing your dream… well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s not a great ratio of dreaming to doing.

In all honesty, I am writing this as much to give advice to myself as I am to you, my reader. I love to dream about things happening—and what I’m trying to focus on this summer is putting in the effort and hard work to bring those dreams out of my head and make them into realities. For all the time I spend dreaming, I must spend more time doing—more time writing, more time editing, more time designing and reading and learning and creating.


2 thoughts on “Reflection: Dreaming vs. Doing

  1. Great post, don’t worry about ‘copying’, I’m glad I inspired you! I really agree that it’s much easier to dream something than to actually make it a reality…I also really need to work on doing and not just dreaming ☺

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