About Silla

Simply Silla is a blog both classic and unique, a different take on many other blogs, a style Silla Tran tries to balance.

She posts about creative things that interest her. Silla is shy in real life and is surprisingly happy and bubbly on her blog. Her blog is frequently described as ‘having a unique vibe’ ‘so Silla’ ‘a twist on the usual blog’.

She chooses to write about the things she loves, and feels passionate about, and is determined to place a footprint into changing the lives of others for the better.

Silla posts about her lifestyle, style, experiences, DIY and food blog — all of her favorite things, across various chapters of her life, under one roof.

Her aim is to be different and more unique from the other bloggers. She wants to give you more than ordinary blog posts, Silla wants to pass on her life-learnings to you. She wants to build a life she loves, life in color. And she want to do it together.

Her blog posts constantly radiate an uniqueness and is helpful to most readers.  Silla is a dreamer that loves weird things and is totally random.

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